It’s been lil’ long while since I left my blog, of course I didn’t want to do that, blame it on the examination that always be held in the end of semester. Too bad my condition’s bad, I caught flu, I’s coughing at night, I’s sleeping at school, drank goddammit fucking stupid useless medicine that make me sleepy all the time, I couldn’t keep up with the materials, even my mid semester test result wasn’t that bad, but bitch please, three months is long time for a good education, and bla bla bla bla… and the report wasn’t that bad.

School break actually just 2 weeks, but because I’m lazy and my school’s far for home, after I finished my every business I didn’t go to school anymore until our teacher got fury and would drop our point if we didn’t show up the next morning. It’s quite funny latter, the next morning almost every student from my class showed up and looked nervous, fortunately our teacher just kidding, pyuhh.

I spend my break mostly with wake up late, watch tv, stupid diet, eat apples, and went to swimming pool with my sister.

Finally I could do the back stroke, yeahhh, such a superior male alpha, I love this style, because actually I can’t take a breath when i’m swimming, and back stroke is the only way out (I think). Whatever.

Ohh, almost forget, internet and computer are my best friends during school break, I back in touch with the bands that I used to love and still, and they are, MCR and Sum 41, can’t believe they are all above 30 years old. appears that the rock is the key youth.



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I am a sweet little sanguine girl

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