Another late news from me, finally I enroll in Hogwarts via , to fulfill my hope to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and defend my future house with a great honor.

After bla bla bla and bla bla bla latter, my invitation came to my house, I mean my gmail. After I click that link I had full access to my account.

So let’s pretend that airplane in night sky is like shooting star , I mean So let’s pretend that I really attend Hogwarts on September first after summer vacation, but wait I live in Indonesia which is in equator and don’t have 4 seasons. and yes Hogwarts express’s so fun and cool but I rather dizzy after transport with that train. After we arrived, Hagrid welcome dus accompanied by Fang.

Prof. McGonnagal waited in front of a large door, I wondered what the hell is that? and then she opened the big door, show us 4 row of table with so many senior looked at us with many different ways, some looked skeptical, some looked hopeful, some looked nervous, some ahh, forget that. And then she opened a parchment and called our name one by one.

Finally she called my name, put an old hat on my head, and  I wish the best for me, and wallla….


Hai, don’t look at me like that, not all slytherin’re bad, I’m not evil, look at my innocent face.

Anyway my dorm win the very first House cup, yeyeye… We’ve been the first to win this cup, can you believe that? somehow I was afraid when Prof. Dumbledore would gave bonus points for Gryffindor  and they would be the winner, but my prediction fortunately was wrong and we could slept well with the house cup safely went to the snake’s den.

I’ve told you I’ll give my future house a honor, but I rather sad when there people start to call us cheater, what the hell and how can we do that? Pottermore will never let that happen? We, Slytherin work hard to win that House cup, we brewed and duel. We’re not cheater! Can we all just be friends?

Anyway my account is StarSeer7195 , quiet simple right? Check and add me if you want.

About yosweeta

I am a sweet little sanguine girl

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