So, One Direction finally release their newest video, (oh I know this lil’ bit late, but who cares?). Well, you actually could blame my internet, not to mention that I love internet, sometime internet become lame and retarded!

Back to 1D, Live while we’re young just like their usual song, always cherry and sunny and happy and young and free and so boyish (wait is that even a word?). bit remind me of What make you beautiful, but it’s alright, I don’t care.

Liam who always start the song like usual, Louis with his childish like, Harry who always look dashing, Zayn with his sexy voice and the last but not the least Draco Malfoy wannabe, I mean Niall who always look cute.

Anyway the video is full of water, almost 45 percent of the video contain water, 15 percent contain hair flip, 15 jumping and laughing, and let’s keep the rest for point every direction and make weird move. The chorus  is catchy with soft layer of “woah- woah-woah”.

picture time, from my self and google

Harry open this video with so damn cute sleepy eyes, later followed by the other member.


Then out of nowhere they begin to sing with guitar and clap their own hands maybe they wait for their breakfast. After that they’re running and jumping and pointing everywhere, ah… don’t forget about the hair flip, (and Zayn’s hair catch my attention here. :3 so yummy) oh yeah, Maybe they run to the nearest bath room,


but instead of find a luxurious bathroom apparently they find a river, then they start to jump in, shower and laughing again. Seems like Boobear is the exited one in this scene.




The riding car scene is my favorite, looks like the driver or let’s say Boobear almost throw his friends out of the car. They just like “boing-boing-boing” in that car like a ball.



The night come afterward, the play football with the other teens and do some celebration, then sing and point again. told you, they’re random…

The scene turn to pool view, in the afternoon, um yummy.

just jump and sing and laugh and blah-blah-blah.


and the most weird picture is, seems like “what the hell, Harry, you’re not Harry Potter anyway”

So the conclusion is “One Direction enjoy their Summer Cam very much”. The end.


Tom Felton is hot,

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