Umhh, after fasting for a full month (well, I was not) finally idul fitri came to see us again this year! wuhuuuu. Sadly all my grandparents from my maternal side had died last year. No need to cry readers, I believe they’ve found their perfect place!

And for the best part of Idul fitri is “Salam Tempel”, short of Salam Tempel is when the peoples older than you (by marital and job obviously) give you money. The range of money that given is relative, but I still earn money that more than enough. Actually people with same age as me or let’s say teenagers will earn money that decrease year per year, muahahahaha, but I’m not, lucky me!

And for the worst is family reunion! not to mention that I’m happy to meet the grown up and get money but babysitting younger cousin is way more suck! I know that everything have the own price! but babysitting is my least favorite after cleaning, school stuff, stay away from my computer and listening Justin Bieber! But I could passed that! All of my cousin at least still alive!

Speaking of live and soul, there’s an accident that occurs during Idul Fitri, one of my neighbor’s long cousin that came from Palembang, got traffic accident and died on the way to the nearest hospital, so sad, he died very young, in the first day of Idul fitri.

So, yesterday, another family reunion was held in my uncle’s place, and I got the babysitting job again! short of, we rode our bicycle around the village and watches the train goes by in the nearest train station, which is The train station of Rewulu. As a good Babysitter I bought them some snacks there, with my money of course, I’ve told you, I’m such a good babysitter!

And this afternoon my sister and I finally went to swim! too bag I got several marchandise on my right leg! actually it’s my own fault who stumble back to the pool after got up, I hit the surface with my legs and riped my legging on the knee (obviously). At first it’s just fine and I continue to swim! but I was wrong, in the middle of the pool my knee hurt so much and I could’t reach the swim ladder so I was stuck in the middle! After battle with the water I reach the ladder and swear, but no one notice or let’s say they just didn’t understand what I said.

cococococo, bonus, I drew Harry Potter yesterday. and rewulu’ photo!

nice sunset huh? I know

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  1. Trisnia Sasmi berkata:

    Wowie! Harry Potter in CorelDraw Version! ><

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