Last month my school finally began, pretty suck, because I love holiday, took vacation and went to anywhere.

And after waited for two years, unfortunately I’m twelve grader, which is suck more than anything! there’s no other choice! the final examination is drawing nearer, it’s coming closer, by the day, by the night, I’m praying to God to save my soul, it’s giving me nightmare, and I become fat because I don’t know what to do, except eat! well, pretty dramatic right! IKR, I’m such a drama queen, wait, no, I’m a gossip queen! because Drama queen already taken by Komang!

Back to my dull daily morning, in the computer lab! Unfortunately our teacher, Mr. Besar got sick, another unfortunately I forgot why he became sick. So, the other teacher a.k.a mr. Hanung replaced him for a while, and then he gave us textbook, and introduced  us to corel.

I bet most of you, already knew about corel, so I won’t tell about what is corel/ coreldraw here, if you really want to know, just check wikipedia or something.

The first encounter with coreldraw was pretty boring, and I was bored, and then mr. Hanung was busy and told us to do pretty much what we wanted! I know there’s pretty much ‘and’, and I’m not sorry about that, after all this is my blog!

The second encounter with coreldraw, still boring but mr. Hanung finaly taught something, which’s “how to make a round, triangle and square on your work sheet”, amazingly I already made a tree at that time, give applause even it’s to late!

The third encounter with coreldraw, our lab was used by the teachers for meeting! suck! they left us the room that actually used for meeting with the retarded computer! then mr. Hanung came late, he gave us task to search everything that related to coreldraw, and for the worst part was when he made us used the retarded computer! Drew something difficult with the lamest computer in my school! but magically I finished my job pretty well for a new comer! FYI I made a shiny ball.

Yeah, actually last encounter mr. Hanung gave us task! he gave us homework which is ‘make something with coreldraw’ tadaaa. At first I decided to made shiny ball again, but I thought it’s lame, so I prefer flower! which was more lame than ball! but pretty good!

The fourth encounter with coreldraw, finally mr. Besar recovered. The lesson’s ordinary, and we tried to make a name card!


now it’s time for me to show you my work!

start from the first encounter!

the first encounter

See, It’s lame and pathetic!

second encounter, better right? IKR

This the the result of retarded computer, the first time i used transparency and shadows.

first try

That one’s when I try to made a sun flower, but failed miserably and made the sun instead.

curve and mesh

That’s the fire flower, suck name, I don’t care, wakakaka…! The first time I discovered about mesh tool, bezier, and curve.

That’s my ultimate work! So far so good.Shut up and just agree!

the fourth encounter

Actually, mr.Besar didn’t give us homework, but because the other subject is still free, so I made…

Well, Kuroku Tetsuya, He’s not my favorite anime character, but I like his lack of facial emotion, so tada, I decide to drew Kuroku!


This my second favorite after all, this is the first time I draw human character! just finished this evening! I give him different color, because umhh, actually I can’t find the right color, but It’s okay.

uncoloured kuroku

Yeah, this is my favorite! human character is pretty difficult for beginner! btw I hate the finger! and hair, and all.

kitty cat

Told you, human character is more difficult! look at that that kitty cat, I don’t need to waste a whole day to draw it

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I am a sweet little sanguine girl

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  1. Trisnia Sasmi berkata:

    Huwaaa you’re such a Corel Queen in Science 3 Class! xD (and you must be know who’s the king of Corel in our class :3)

    Draw anime? How’d you do it? With blazier tool again? 😮

  2. yosweeta berkata:

    huum, beziere is such a good tool! I admit I’m pretty awful with anime, but it’s worth a try, so why not, you should also try some! draw riku maybe

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