Random 1 – Childhood

Kinda miss my childhood, yeah high school is suck, I don’t have enough time to play outside, getting more suck because I DON’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND or WAITING FOR NIALL HORAN, and you know, every teen girls around my house just have boyfriend, what about me? I don’t even have one, oh come on.

Everything was easier when I was a child, the school was easy, the friends were naive, maybe. Ran outside while heavy rain, got money from granny, good cartoons every sunday, no course, no dirty story, no tired body, no empty energy.

You see a picture above? it look like similar with me (of course i’m a girl, in case), chasing fishes, chasing butterfly (btw, have you ever see the butterfly migration? It’s such a beautiful view in the middle of rice field and sunshine), chasing snails, oh why I’m chasing everything? Dunno yet.

About yosweeta

I am a sweet little sanguine girl

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